Weird Rule Against Pitbull Ownership Gets Lifted

Weird laws and regulations exist pretty much all around the world. Various cities and states have some pretty funky and seemingly unnecessary rules in place for their citizens to adhere to. One of these regulations, or bans, rather, is being lifted from Montreal, Canada.

During former Mayor Denis Coderre’s term, he enacted a law where pit-bull type dogs were banned from being owned. However, animal protection groups that slammed this ban finally got the last say in the matter. The new mayor, Valerie Plante made it a point during her election campaign to state that she would repeal the breed specific restrictions faced by the city.

She made it a point to show the importance of animal rights and acceptance. Once in office, she and other city officials lifted the ban on the basis that these breeds were outlawed solely by stereotypes and characteristics associated with the breed- not the actual behaviors displayed by the dogs themselves.

Prior to the lifting of this ban that was instituted in 2016, dogs that were of the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, or any mix of those breeds were banned. People who already owned those type of dogs were allowed to keep them if they payed a $150 permit feel and kept them muzzled and leashed in public settings.

With this ban finally lifted, animal activists and dog lovers all over Montreal are rejoicing in their allowance of being able to love and embrace these wonderful animals.

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