Tortoise Gets The First 3D Printed Shell

When Freddy the tortoise was caught in a terrible bush fire in Brazil, his chances of survival were slim. But a team of legendary vets called The Animal Avengers helped Freddy by creating a brand new shell. “Freddy was the first tortoise in the world to receive a fully rebuilt hull and the first creature that we, as a newly formed group of animal rescuers, decided to help,” said Designer Cicero Moraes, an Animal Avengers member. He created the design, sent it to Dr Paulo Miamoto, a dental surgeon who then printed the design using his 3D printer. The new hull was fitted to Freddy and painted to seem more natural. Today, Freddy is as happy as can be with his brand new look, as well as the title of first tortoise ever to recieve a 3D printed shell. 

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