This Dogs Mickey-Shaped Spot Helped Him Find a Home


If you are a Disney fan, you can’t stop spotting hidden Mickeys everywhere. You can find them out inside rides at the Disney parks or everywhere on Disney products. However, you have never seen anything like this. This Mickey can be found on a sweet American bulldog named Rex.

Rex was held at the canine rehoming center, Dogs Trust Manchester when the caretakers noticed his unusual markings. Dawn Bishop, Dogs Trust manager, said, “We were stunned when we spotted the marking! He is a beautiful boy and cheeky and curious, just like Mickey Mouse.”

Hidden Mickey

However, Rex was homeless when he arrived at the shelter. The employees at Dogs Trust wanted to give this puppy a home so they started a calling: “Calling all dog loving Mickey Mouse fans — ‘Mickey’ is in search of his very own ‘Minnie.’”

This Dogs Mickey-Shaped Spot Helped Him Find a Home

 “He is a big dog, a real gentle giant, and although he loves to play with people and canine companions, he doesn’t always like to be the center of attention, unlike Mickey,” said the people from the shelter. Today, Rex has found his new home. “We are absolutely thrilled that Rex has found his very own special someone and will be starting his new life in a few days. Every one of our dogs is special to us but Rex has really stood out thanks to his Mickey Mouse markings and we know he has a life full of fun and great adventures ahead of him. He really has found his furry-tail ending and we couldn’t be happier.”

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