It’s Now Legal To Break Into Cars In Tennessee

Well… only if there’s a dog inside. It’s a sad fact, but there are thousands of animals across the United States that die in the summer months because their ignorant, heartless and neglectful pet owners leave them locked inside their cars in the scorching heat. The poor pups are stuck and if they are not let out, they can dehydrate and eventually die. It’s a terrible fact, but true.


Some states have decided to fight this by making it legal to break into a car if you see a pet suffering inside. The law protects the passerby from civil liability if they damage the car to rescue the pup. Previously, there was the risk of being charged with damage to private property, but now passersby by can save these animals without worry. Authorities request that they first try to contact the car owner or local authorities before taking action.


Let’s hope this catches on and inspires other states to pass similar laws so we can help to save these pooches from terrible deaths.

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