It’s Not Too Late To Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks

Do you have an older dog that doesn’t listen to anything you say? Then we have some great news: it’s not too late to teach him some new tricks!

It might take a little bit longer and lots of patience to make him remember because he’s not a young and vibrant pup anymore, but it’s definitely possible to teach him some commands. The saying goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but none of that is actually true.

Training The Dog 

The most obvious way to train an old dog is rewarding him with treats when he does what’s asked of him. But there’s more to changing a dog’s attitude than just rewarding good behavior. Another way to teach your older dog good manners is to use a crate. Many people think older dogs shouldn’t be in crates because they can’t move as easily and aren’t flexible like younger pups.

Its Not Too Late To Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks


Nevertheless, crates are a great way to promote their patience and build endurance to stay in it. Make sure you don’t use it as a punishment for bad behavior though. Get a crate that’s big enough for your dog and put some food, water, snacks, and toys in it, so that he associates it with a safe place to hang out in when you’re not around to keep an eye on him.

New Tricks

By using a crate and make your dog feel like it is his hangout spot he eventually won’t be using it as his personal toilet. When that’s the case you can give him more freedom and let him stay in the room the crate is placed while you’re away. Each time he gets used to space he is given, you can expand it until he gets used to the whole house.

Its Not Too Late To Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks

Of course, you can’t teach an old dog all the new tricks in the world. That’s why it’s wise to visit a veterinarian before starting to teach him anything new. A vet can check if your dogs physical health is still in good condition before you start teaching him to jump or do other physical intense things.


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