How Did These Two Unlikely Friends Become Besties?

This is the story of Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson and his dog, Diamond. Diamond was a whining dog that approached Gunnar at his home office and the turned around meaning to lead him somewhere.

Diamond, the Jack Russell terrier, was trying to tell him something. So he decided to follow Diamond out onto his balcony and then found a bird lying on the ground. “I immediately thought the bird was dead, so I called Diamond inside,” he said. “Then I thought I saw the bird blink an eye.”

The bird was not dead and the dog’s owner decided to bring him inside and try to help him.  After about an hour, the bird was doing much better. Before setting the bird free, Gunnar wanted to take some pictures first, so he put it in his open palm and took some snaps.

Then he flew a big circle and landed on Diamond’s head! It was as if the bird was thanking Diamond to the rescue.

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