Family Discovers Their Beloved Dog is Alive, Drives 20 Hours to Reunite With Him

Staff at Austin Animal Center recently helped one pupper get reunited with his family after almost a year. The story about how it came to this is like no other.

Back in June, Austin Animal Center welcomed an adorable pupper named Juicee. She was believed to be a stray, having no chip or collar. Despite being playful and smart, the dog spent more than 300 days in the shelter while failing to find a forever home. But it would turn out that this was a rare case where the lack of interest was a good thing. 

In an effort to help Juice and other residents get adopted, Austin Animal Center made a collage of their photos and shared it on social media. The post was re-shared across the internet and ended on Cubanos de Austin Facebook page. One Austin family that now lives in Miami ended up noticing the post and was shocked when they saw Juice there; she was the beloved dog that they thought was dead.

The family immediately got into the car and drove for 20 hours from Miami to Austin in order to reunite with Juice. It turned out that one of their neighbors told them Juice had died, and that discouraged them from looking for her when she disappeared.

Austin Animal Center’s staff captured the footage of the reunion, and it is as heartwarming a scene as it gets. Check it out below.

Kelsey Cler, the marketing and communications manager for Austin Animal Center, later told The Dodo that the family couldn’t believe Juice was alive. After a tearful reunion, they got the dog in the car and headed straight back to Miami to make up for missed time. 

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