Facility Dog Meg Gets its Own Photo in Goshen Middle School’s Yearbook


While organizing their recent annual yearbook photoshoot, Goshen Middle School staff made sure they included every member of their educational community in it. This meant that Meg, the school’s facility dog, was getting her yearbook photo as well.

Meg seemed thrilled about the opportunity and posed with a big smile on her face. It’s like she almost knew that she made Goshen’s history as the first dog to be included in the yearbook.

According to The Dodo, Meg arrived at Goshen Middle School two years ago. She is trained to offer emotional support to students and staff while also making the school days a bit brighter for everyone thanks to her energetic spirit. 

“Kids today need a little extra care and a little extra support — and we have found that resource in Meg,” said Kelly DeNu, Goshen’s seventh-grade math teacher and Meg’s foster parent.

According to DeNu, when Meg isn’t engaged in her usual activities in school, she lives a life of a normal and happy dog. She likes to go on walks, play with her cat siblings, and get cuddles from everyone who comes near her.

“I never expected that having Meg would have such a positive impact not only on me, but every student and every other staff member too!” DeNu added.

Everyone interested in seeing what Meg is up to can follow her adventures on Instagram.