Cats Take Over The Internet

In the fight against terror, an unexpected ally is called upon – cats. Well, in fact, it’s the owners of cats who used their pets as an internet distraction during the city-wide lockdown in Brussels.


Belgium police on the morning of 22nd November, coordinated a series of raids to uncover individuals linked to ISIS or other terror organizations.


The authorities requested that social media users defer from posting information regarding to the raids so as not to post any important information that might give away information to terrorist organizations.


Citizens were also told to stay indoors for safety reasons. And I guess this is what happens when you lock people inside for too long.


What started as a few humorous photos, the thread quickly grew to thousands of photos of cats – some of them were dressed in jihad garb, while others were photographed into hilarious memes.


With the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown you can discover some of these great pictures.


In a moment when Europe is in a state of heavy fear, it is good to know that some can find lightness and humor in even the darkest of situations.

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