This Cat Lost Her Babies And Adopted Someone Unexpected

Gertrude was living on the streets of Mexico, when a dog attacked her violently.

After the bad episode, a local woman discovered Gertrude and rushed her to a veterinary clinic. At the clinic, vets discovered that Gertrude was pregnant and her babies were no longer alive.

After this bad encounter, you would expect Gertrude to stay away from dogs, but that’s exactly what happened. Clementine is a dog who arrived with two other puppies who did not survive. Gertrude ended up acting like a mother to her.

The two spent all the days at the clinic together. The vets all noticed Gertrude’s attachment to the pup and took sweet pictures. When they both healed and had to leave the clinic to give space to sick animals, vets decided to let the two say hello. It was the sweetest moment ever.

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